Welcome to the TQ Tezos Wiki!

The TQ Tezos Wiki is a place to get started and learn about Tezos. It also aims to answer the frequently asked questions about the Tezos protocol & the Tezos ecosystem.

This wiki aspires to be a living document that will evolve as the Tezos protocol (and ecosystem) evolves. If interested in proposing a change to this document, please feel free to submit an issue or make a merge request to this Gitlab repository.

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Getting started

This wiki covers a variety of Tezos topics ranging from Baking to governance to smart contracts. It also includes practical Tezos resources like wallets and block explorers.

For a longer video explanation of the Tezos protocol, including its origins and inspirations, see this video.

To get started with Tezos developer documentation, see here.

To get started with Michelson smart contracts, check out the camlCase tutorial series and the Michelson section of the Nomadic Labs documentation.

For those with technical questions about Tezos, check out the Tezos Stack Exchange.

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